Mosquito Bites: Painful For The Economy as Well

No one likes mosquitoes. They act as irritants and leaches, using individuals and animals to survive. Now, there might be an even greater reason to dislike them; they also hurt the bottom line. Recent studies have indicated a correlation between the incidences of mosquito bites and a straggling economy. The greater number of mosquito bites, the worse shape the economy is in.

The theory behind this concept is exemplified in the great recession. Since real estate was at the forefront of the economic plunge, many individuals lost their homes or failed to maintain them. All of these foreclosures left thousands and thousands of abandoned or ill maintained properties. Without anyone to maintain the homes, and more importantly the pools,  the water turned stagnant in various locations. Combine that with certain humid climates, and these pools became nesting sites for mosquito breeding.

A Green Pool in Las Vegas

For instance, in Maricopa County, Arizona the unattended ponds and pools have become “green pools, according to authorities.” These pools are the ones where water has gone stagnant due to various levels of negligence, a lack of care driven by market forces. In 2009, 4,000 “green” pools were attended to by crews treating the stagnation. By comparison, only two years earlier the number was closer to 2500. This almost 60% jump correlated closely with an area that was hit extremely hard during the recession.

In areas where building was in a boom, many new developments placed pools in the backyards of individual homes. When people could no longer afford to maintain these pools, and for some, even live in the homes, mosquitoes swarmed.

In short, when the economy is bad, and people have to make hard financial choices, giving up pool maintenance is a necessary cut. The more pools across the country that go untreated, the worst shape the economy is in and the more homes mosquitoes find. So, if you hear more buzzing and see more bites, it is not just those small red dots you have to worry about. It could be a sign of great economic struggle on the way.


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