When We Talk About Gun Control, Here is the Business We Are Talking About

In addition to the belief in the Second Amendment Right, economics in the firearm business could also a reason for the difficulty of implementing gun control in the United States.

Firearms industry is a billion-dollar business. According to the IBISWorld, by June 2017, the revenue for guns and ammunition manufacturing industry is $13.3 billion with $1.0 billion profit. According to the latest Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export Report in 2016, there were 11,069,333 pieces of firearms, including pistols, revolvers,rifles,shotguns, produced in that year with only 3% of them being exported. The rest of them stayed in America. According to Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact Report 2017 , there are 301,123 jobs related to firearms industry. The industry also had over 51 billion dollars impact and generated over 6.5 billion taxes.

In order to keep this business running, Center for Responsive Politics said in 2016, gun lobbyist spent over $10 million to protect gun rights. Moreover, gun owners also fear that their guns would be taken away or they would be banned from buying guns. he National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF)  said since Obama took office, the gun industry has grown 158%. The CNN has called Obama “the best gun salesman in America.”

Last year, since people were afraid that Hillary Clinton would win the election and take away guns, FBI said the background checks for buyers reached record high during the 2016 Black Friday. Now with Trump in office, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the background checks in July 2017 drop 25% to 907,348, the lowest since 2013 because run owners are more confident about their gun rights. Due to the low demand for guns,  gun companies like Sturm Ruger & Company also experienced drop of their stocks, according to a Fortune article.

Moreover, since people fear a more strict regulation would be put on guns after mass shooting, gun companies tend to see a rise of sales after these tragedies. After Sandy Hook shooting, San Bernardino shooting, and Las Vegas shooting, gun shares all expressed a boost.


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